About Taylor

Welcome! My name is Taylor. I have been a licensed massage therapist and health educator since 2013.

Since then, I have made my way into multiple certifications over the years and have made my way managing spas, working with celebrities, professional athletes, chiropractors, and practicing my work in 5 star hotels.

 I am now a board certified Health coach with the AADP and my journey continues in university for Integrative Wellness and Natural Medicine.

My passion truly derives from my own story.

Doing this work changed my life, and now I proudly dedicate my time serving others to reach their full potential.

So i’ll start with this:

Stress is the number one reason in the world for causing any disease, dysfunction, or illness.

What I provide in my treatments is a deeper connection to one’s self, allowing your body to feel good, be pain free, decrease stress, and provide a safe space for the body to reach a healing state.

All of my treatments are entirely individualized to your personal needs.

I offer in-home treatments of different healing modalities, as well as over the phone or online health coaching.

Please feel free to call me directly for a free 15 minute consultation!


Or send me an email to taylor@mindfulmdcne.com for any further questions or information.


Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!