“Her Swedish massages are intuitive and rejuvenating all the while therapeutically relaxing; applying deep tissue where and when needed!”


Javito L.

“She is SO gifted, but what keeps me coming back is her bright, beautiful self that meets me where I am and creates a unique session to support the needs of my body that particular week.”

Jordan B.

“Taylor has a sacred touch.

She is at once completely attuned, kind, knowledgeable, warm, and LISTENING to my body. She provides a space where I can completely let go and open to receive remarkable healing. “


Stella D.

“Taylor Hall is an amazing therapist with extremely gifted hands and an approach grounded with a spirit and focus of healing!”


Dr. Myron H.

“OMG!!! I do not lie when I say I’ve had over 1,000 massages in my life and today everything changed. Taylor has hands of healing. I feel rejuvenated and better than I have in a long time. Highest recommendation from me.”



“When I met Taylor I felt so relieved. She could tell I suffered from headaches within a minute and knew just the right amount of pressure and technique to help alleviate it. Her massaging skill, education of the art and body melting hands are what make her so special.”

Whitney P.