About Taylor

Welcome to Mindful Medicine! This is a practice where all the work that is done is coming from a grounded, mindful space & All in the comfort of your own home or online.

This is not luxury, this is wellness. This is true self care and nourishment for wholeness. Here is a little bit of my background…

My name is Taylor and I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, Board Certified Quantum Health Coach and Massage Therapist. I’ve been a licensed massage therapist since 2013, and that is where my journey began. I’m extremely passionate about anatomy and physiology and this passion has only grown into so much more since then. In 2014 I went ahead and did the advanced program at NHI (National Holistic Institute) where I learned anatomy on an extremely deep and detailed level, learning Janet Travell’s guide to Neuromuscular therapy and trigger point work. In the midst of these 2 years I was learning Reiki and am now still, Reiki level 2.

I’ve worked in luxurious spas, chiropractic offices and acupuncture clinics, becoming more and more well rounded in the healing aspects of the human body, only realizing how we are so truly magnificent, learning our limitless potential, energy blockages, releasing tension, and the effects that stress and anxiety has on the body.

This is the reason for my practice. To help, to heal, to teach, to learn, to grow, and to decrease the stress you are holding in different areas of your body, mind, and energy centers.

Through my line of work and 9 years of experience, I have witnessed healing at a new level. The human body has limitless potential. I teach my clients this deep understanding of their own potentiality and how to navigate it. My work is completely different for each and every individual. The first goal is to ensure a safe space that can be trusted by your innermost being, bringing the body to a state of complete relaxation. This allows the tissues on every level to surrender to the work, where all the magic happens… when we let go and allow ourselves to receive.

My line of work can be pretty basic for some, and extremely complex for others. The goal is for you to feel good in your body, mind, and soul and that’s exactly where I will guide you. This looks different for everybody. As every BODY is different!

In my work I mainly focus on the 5 bodies of consciousness.

– Mental
– Supramental
– Vital
– Physical Bliss

The five bodies of conciousness and the marvelous  vessels, five bodies of consciousness and the marvelous vessels, having access to this energetic system will give everyone the ability to maintain a healthy balance of negentropy, resulting in an increase in resilience and longevity. The internal environment overrides the programming through the practice of brain and heart coherence.



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